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Our Story


Aspire to achieve the AND of
personal and collective goals

our story

Energized by a moment of crisis, inspired by design-thinking principles,
together with a profound desire to help people be the best version of
themselves, Deb Knupp, HX Collective visionary, has identified humanity-
centered design as a next-level method to generate mutually abundant
and positive outcomes for people and organizations. Deb’s inspiration is
born out of a robust community of big thinkers and allies with a similar
commitment to doing good and doing well. These allies have formed the
HX Collective.

our story

Give + Get Approach

our story

Based on extensive experience and research in identifying the markers of high performance, a common theme emerges: growth begins when who you are and what you do makes you likable to key stakeholders who want to buy or buy-in to what you are offering. Growth that includes a capacity for self-actualization happens when key stakeholders like you AND like who THEY are when they are with you. To acknowledge this innate interest, the HX Collective’s Give + Get Approach took form. Our rubric guides positive life and work experiences, consistently resulting in time, cost, and resource impact.