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Transform Your Perspective

"An Awakening"

Looking soberly at the world around us, there are profound themes of suffering and loss that pervade our headlines and impact every aspect of daily living. And while many intelligent and well-intentioned people from all sectors – for-profit, non-profit, and government – are trying to solve these challenges, at the core, there are persistent and pervasive design flaws within well-intended solutions. What if organizations overtly acknowledged that in addition to clients, employees, prospects, and community stakeholders, that there is another stakeholder at the table?

In our e-book, “An Awakening”, we introduce our thinking on why bringing humanity as a stakeholder at the table must be an imperative.



At the HX Collective, we are encouraged every day by our clients, colleagues, family, authors, community and spiritual leaders, musicians, filmmakers, and so many others. Explore what people are saying that influences our thinking.  What inspires you?

Events On the Road


HX Collective members speak and attend numerous industry and association conferences annually. We welcome the opportunity to meet virtually or in-person at these events. Please check back here for scheduled participation and contact us if you are interested in getting together.