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HX Allies

Align with other-centered experts
who authentically care

HX allies

Webster’s Dictionary describes an ally as “one that is associated with another as a helper: a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort.” At the HX Collective, we invite you to consider us your ally as together, we commit to activate the AND through human experience.

With extensive knowledge on how to cultivate human innovation, our experts are available to educate and motivate diverse audiences. From large industry and association events to intimate roundtable discussions, an HX Collective ally is available to share expert guidance and personal insight on a variety of topics focused on teaching audiences how to elevate human flourishing.

HX allies

Activate the
through human experience

Meet our Allies

HX allies

Debra Baker

Managing Director

Holly Barocio

Senior Consultant

Richard Chapman


Dr. Deb Gorton

Clinical Psychologist & Professor

Jill Heise

Managing Partner

Sharlene Hobson


Steven Keith


Matthew Kocanda

Wealth Manager

Tasneem K. Khokha

Managing Director

Deb Knupp


Jeff Leitner


Brianna Leung

Director of Strategy & Marketing

Andrea Mac


Eric Schoonveld

Founding Partner

Lisa Slayton


Alycia Sutor

Managing Director